Work From Home

It is becoming more common. That’s good – you save on office costs, travel, time, childcare and achieve a better work–life balance. Typically, productivity goes up. It’s the competitive edge that separates the thrivers from the survivors. 

Software: You just need good software to keep the team coordinated and the data safe. Ruby is the most powerful tool for market research with cloud data and global licensing as standard functionality. Work at the office, at home, anywhere, anytime.

Ruby: for Power, Speed & Expertise

What makes Ruby the best choice?

Power, speed: Ruby is a high-end cross tabulator that does the jobs none of the others can do. It can handle any methodology, data to any level of complexity and size including loops, levels, and hierarchical data. It is the only product that can match Quantum for versatility and power.

Versatility: Ruby can import from anything, push-pull to MS Office, direct links to R & SPSS, fully scriptable with a modern GUI. It is the gold standard for continuous tracking and powers some of the biggest tracking studies in the world. 

Global Licence: You can use the licence at work, at home, travelling – anywhere, anytime. 

Cloud Data: Jobs can be stored in the cloud for access by Analysts and Clients using desktop Ruby itself or online interfaces – a single version of the data.

Expertise: RCS has been developing MR data analytical tools for over 30 years and have encountered every imaginable project. We solve data problems.

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