Ruby is available for an unrestricted 30 Day Trial on Windows PCs

This is the best place to start. It outlines a few standard actions and describes the example jobs on the desktop and in the cloud.


Save the file and then run the install.
It is a standard Windows install that can be installed anywhere – C:\Ruby is the default.


Run Ruby from the start menu or directly from Windows Explorer c:\Ruby\Ruby.exe.
Put a shortcut on Start, Taskbar, or Desktop as you prefer.


Click the [30 Day Trial] button when you run Ruby – it creates a licence and sends the password to your email address.
*** if the email doesn’t turn up in a minute check your junk folder ***
Copy the password from the email, tab out of the password field…
…and click Start.
If the Login screen disappears behind other windows while you’re switching back and forth just move or minimise them to reveal the Login screen.