rubyv2logo Ruby Desktop

Our flagship application, Ruby, is a high-end professional cross tabulator. Unlike generic BI tools, Ruby’s design anticipates and addresses all the difficult issues in processing and analysing survey data, both ad hoc and continuous. We have yet to encounter a table or variable transform from a competitor system which we could not replicate in Ruby. And conversely, Ruby can deliver on specifications which other systems find impossible. Listing all Ruby features is not practical (there are so many!) and not really possible, since skilled users are constantly finding new ways to process and analyse. Read More…

logo1 Ruby Laser

Laser runs in Windows browsers with Silverlight support, to provide online access to Ruby data.

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Tables can be simple or complex. Laser can display any reports that can be shown in Ruby. Read More…

Ruby Dashboards


Ruby Dashboards are the best way to present Market Research data on any platform, any device.

Our dashboards are Excel-based and provide pre-defined dynamic filtering in a cost effective way, without compromising on functionality. Read More…

RubyGo and RubyPocket

RubyGo and its companion RubyPocket run on most devices (tablets, phones – Android, iOS, Windows) to provide access to Ruby Reports …


… and interactive Ruby Dashboards.

The two applications, RubyGo (for tablets) and RubyPocket (for phones) are available as free downloads from the App Stores. Read More…

rubyv2logo RubyLib SDK (Software Development Kit)

RubyLib is a DLL version of the Ruby engine with an API for managing online access to Ruby data.

Laser, RubyGo and RubyPocket are all built on RubyLib and are examples of what can be done online.

They are custom built interfaces to RubyLib and users have also embedded calls in normal web pages. Read More…