Inside Story


We were able to move to Ruby a couple of years ago, and it is now the main program we use, because it can do everything we need to do. I find it is an extremely powerful and flexible tool. Other tools can be quite restrictive, but Ruby is very powerful and completely flexibleThe program goes beyond what more traditional DP cross-tab tools … compared with other programs I have used, Ruby allows me to filter and drill down into the data much more than I could with them. It’s especially good at exporting live charts and tables into documents. Once they are in PowerPoint or Word, trend charts can be opened up and adjusted as necessary. When it is a live chart, it means you can update the data. Instead of having to go back to Ruby, open it up and try to find the chart and then read the data, you can just double-click it inside PowerPoint and you see all the figures change. And there is even an undo ….. for any unintentional errors.

Amy Lee, Data Processing Manager Inside Story Australia