For Data Processing Personnel

Ruby is a totally open system, using ascii files throughout

  • no propriety formats
  • view with a text editor

Ruby jobs are all stored in the same logically structured format

Quick imports for single-study jobs from SPSS SAV, SSS. SPS/ASC, Tab-delimited, CSV, MDD/DDF

Comprehensive import area for custom single-studies and tracking jobs

  • SPSS SAV, SSS. SPS/ASC, tab-delimited, CSV, MDD/DDF
  • Fixed-width ASCII
  • SurveyCraft
  • Quantum – edit section & levels
  • another Ruby job

Partial imports – can be any allowable data format, can be different to the original

Tracking job imports – extra data waves generate audit files, for later use in synchronising the waves

Inspect the raw data and construction definitions from within Ruby at any point

Easily convert any imported date/time variable to a Ruby variable and display in any format you like

Speed – run a 1,000 column by 1,000 row crosstab on a million cases in a few seconds, not minutes

Create custom weights as special variables through a form on the GUI or via code

Easily create Drill and Switch filters for use in Ruby and Laser

Simple upload of a Ruby job to Ruby Laser

Automate Ruby using VB Script, VB.Net or C# to perform:

  • imports
  • data cleaning
  • variable constructions
  • report generation

VB.Net libraries and fully documented API help along with numerous examples are provided with Ruby

Visual Studio, a free download from Microsoft, can be used with Ruby to deliver:

  • a professional level (IDE)
  • Intellisense- Ruby library commands are recognised and show format and parameters
  • full debugging capability
  • thousands of forums, blogs and tutorials available online is used and recommended by Red Centre Software, but C# or any other language can be used

Extend the libraries to encapsulate your company’s or clients IP

Ruby is a very mature, stable product, running millions of crosstabs per week, over many years, in very diverse environments across our planet.

Don’t just believe us – contact our sales team ( and we will put you in touch with a current Ruby user who can provide their perspective.