For Analysts

Ruby provides an intuitive data analysis environment

  • Ruby has been built to work in the way a professional researcher works
  • everything is where you would expect it to be
  • running a crosstab is an easy “drag & drop” operation
  • context-sensitive help is available on all screens

One click to change from Table to Chart to Perceptual Map to Gauge report views

One click to toggle frequency, row%, Col%, sort, hide rows/columns, show/hide statistical significance

Filtering and weighting can be applied selectively to individual variables or the entire report

Nesting variables is easy to achieve via “drag & drop”

Extensive in-built statistical screen to run any and every stats test imaginable

Regression, Clusters, Factors, CHAID and direct access to thousands of “R” packages

Build your banners and nets with drag and drop

What about a table with Top of Mind, Unaided Brand Awareness, Unaided Ad Awareness and TotalAwareness on the banner?

  • just drag and drop the variables into the grid constructor
  • once constructed, use this new variable as you would any other Ruby variable

Save report specification defaults and apply them to any new report

Create, save and reuse any banner with any amount of inherent complexity

Multiple weighting variables – created in Ruby as special variables

Construct nets on the fly or save them as an additional code in the variable

  • DP need not be involved to do this – eliminates wait time

Complex indices and “Black box” algorithms are simple to implement

  • we have not yet encountered one we could not implement in Ruby

Easily export your report decks to Excel or PowerPoint with Ruby formatting maintained. (Push)

Modify the report format in Excel or PowerPoint as you wish – pull just the data to update it

Use our supplied macros to update just the data in one, or all reports, from within Excel or PowerPoint. (Pull)

Apply your Excel skills to create custom dashboards for your clients in Ruby Laser

Don’t just believe us – contact our sales team ( and we will put you in touch with a current Ruby user who can provide their perspective.