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We’re unmatched in survey and tracking data – Ruby does the jobs nothing else can

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Ruby on the desktop    

Import from anything, any data complexity, interactive analysis, talk to MSOffice, export to anything. Read more. Got Quantum problems? Read more. Watch a video tour of Ruby.

Cadmium on the web

Online crosstabs, charts and interactive Dashboards. Read more.

Carbon Libraries

RCS’s award-winning crosstab machinery as a set of pluggable libraries. Read more.

Diamond on the desktop

A new approach to crosstabulation that seamlessly merges interactive table specification
and analysis, batch table and text processing, graphics, commentary, dashboards and end-
client reporting. Not formally released yet – contact 

Where are you coming from? Why consider us?

For Senior Management

Ruby is a very mature, stable product, running millions of crosstabs per week, over many years, in very diverse environments. Ruby generates reports faster than any other cross-tabulator on the planet. Its award-winning architecture provides unrivalled speed and data-handling capabilities. Ruby provides Quantum levels, making it a viable alternative to Quantum. Ruby Laser and RubyGo provide on-line reporting and cost-effective dashboards.

For Analysts

Ruby’s interface has been designed to deliver power and flexibility to the analyst, reducing the need to return to DP with requests for additional tasks. Cloning reports, configuring templates, respecifying entire sets of reports in a single step – there are many time-saving tools that can only be found in Ruby. Ruby exports tables and charts quickly and accurately to Excel and PowerPoint, eliminating the need to “cut and Paste”. Changes to the Ruby reports can be updated from within Excel and PowerPoint using our supplied Macros.

For Data Providers

Ruby streamlines the data processing function and can deliver data packages to your clients quickly. Ruby can export data and/or tables and charts in all common formats, SPSS, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. To give real analytical power to your clients we recommend Ruby Analyst or online delivery with Ruby Laser or RubyGo on a smart phone. Do data splits effortlessly on omnibus data, or provide customized analysis that go way beyond the basic cross-tab output.

For Data Processing Personnel

Ruby can import data from all commonly used collection systems, including Quantum, SPSS and IBM Dimensions. Perform partial imports from different systems. Import data waves for complex tracking jobs with full diagnostic reporting. In-built verbatim coding tools provide the power and flexibility to save large amounts of time on this repetitive task. Automate data imports, cleaning, constructions and reporting in Ruby using commonly available VB.Net skills.

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“….. a full-fledged tabulation and reporting system aimed squarely at the data processing professional. If you are looking for a Quantum replacement, this program deserves a test-drive.”

Tim Macer, meaning ltd, UK