Market Research Companies Red Centre Software products provide the most powerful and extensive range of cross-tabulation, statistical and reporting capabilities for all market-research functions post-collection. With high capacity and performance processing to deliver blinding speed, boost productivity and restore your competitive edge, we have targeted solutions for: 

  • Data Processing
  • End To End Automation
  • Tables, Charts, Statistics
  • Easy Continuous Tracking
  • Automated Reporting To MS Office
  • On-line Reporting & Dashboards

Our 20+ years experience in developing market research cross-tabulation software applications to handle the most demanding requirements  across the globe results in products that are field-proven, flexible and high-performance.

Affordable cross-tabulation products that put you in total control. Products that you can trust to build business advantage.

"..... a full-fledged tabulation and reporting system aimed squarely at the data processing professional. If you are looking for a Quantum replacement, this program deserves a test-drive." Tim Macer, meaning ltd